Day 13

States: 0
Total States: 27
Miles: 618
Total miles: 7032

We left our Redwoods campsite early because we had almost the length of California to drive today! Our first stop was in Leggett, CA. at a drive-thru tree park that has been there since 1922. We actually drove my car through a redwood tree because that’s how big they are! It was quite the experience. It was also a perfect stop for rest, food and gifts.

Our next stop we spent plenty of time at: San Francisco! It was so fun and hard to leave. The first thing we did was go up on Hawk Hill to get the best views of the Golden Gate Bridge. There was many different angles to see it from. Then we got to drive over it as we headed into the city.

We parked near Fisherman’s Wharf, a busy area with vendors, street performers, restaurants, tour boats, and piers filled with boats. We ate lunch at a place called Boudin Bakery, famous for their sourdough bread. They had baskets of bread rotating around on the ceiling of the restaurant and store.

Then we walked along the Bay, heading for Pier 39. This is where one will find a couple hundred sea lions hanging out 🙂 They come there for the food supply and protections from sharks. They love to soak up the sun, play and bark. It was so fun watching them in their natural home right there in front of us. San Francisco was a really cool city I hope to revisit.

More driving, for the first time with traffic, got us to Bakersfield, CA for the night. 

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