Day 12

States: 2; Oregon & California
Total States: 27
Miles: 557
Total miles: 6414

I thought that Washington was the greenest state, but now I would definitely say it’s Oregon. I haven’t seen so much green or trees since I was in Costa Rica. The photo above with the yellow flowers captures our view was we headed down the coast towards Oregon and northern California. The plant is actually a noxious weed, introduced from Europe in 1850. It has only expanded since, now covering nearly the entire side of the interstate.

The best part of the day began when we reached California. To get to Redwood National Park, we had to drive down the winding highway 199, which had dozens of sharp turns going up and down mountains for miles. It took a lot of concentration! Then we reached the amazing coastal highway, 101. This showed us gorgeous views of the Pacific Ocean, and we were also able to stop by the beach when we drove down from the high cliffs. I love the ocean, especially the warm Pacific I have been missing 🙂

Once we settled into our campsite in Elk Prairie, we went out on trails to look at some of the Redwood trees, the tallest living things in the world! I can’t describe what it’s like to be standing under them. They are hundreds of feet tall and thousands of years old. Our favorite was one they simply call “Big Tree,” almost 22 feet in diameter. The trails are really nice and we saw some beautiful birds. And our campground has its name for a reason; on the way in and out of it you are able to see herds of elk right there in the grass.

The last thing we did was watch the sun set over the ocean from up on the cliffs. It was so pretty and I’m really glad we got to see that 🙂

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