Day 14

States: 1; Nevada
Total States: 28
Miles: 403
Total miles: 7435

This morning we slept in a little and took some time to do laundry and go grocery shopping. All part of being on the road! Also, if we left at our usual early hour, we would have been stuck in awful LA traffic. We timed it pretty well and I’m proud to say we had no traffic issues at all in Los Angeles…a city known for it.

Because we wanted to get out of the city before rush-hour, we mainly stayed in the Hollywood area. Of course we went to see the Hollywood sign! It was pretty cool. You can see it from many places in the city but we went up a winding hill to get sort of close.

Then we went to Hollywood Blvd to do the walk of fame. I enjoyed it but could have done without all the soliciting! I said “no thank you” to tour busses, Spiderman, Michael Jackson, Mickey Mouse, and everyone in between! It was a super busy area with something going on at every block. We saw the famous Chinese Theater along the way with celebrity’s foot and hand prints. 

Next it was on to Las Vegas! It reached 97 degrees at one point driving through the Mojave desert. It was so hot and the elevation caused trucks to slow down in their own lanes going about 30 mph. We saw lots of cacti but not much else on the way!

We reached Las Vegas and decided to drive down the strip instead of walking it; we wanted to see it all before dinner. It was more overstimulating than Times Square with lights everywhere, huge hotels, theaters, restaurants, and of course Caesars Palace! We also stopped at the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign and saw a drunken wedding party attempting to get their photos done in front of it, pretty funny.

Our hotel is a resort/casino right outside the city. It was probably so affordable because everyone spends their money gambling in the casino and doing all their other activities: bowling, movie theater, restaurants 🙂 Our room is on the 17th floor and it’s so funny to compare this place with camping tomorrow on the ground in a tent. Tomorrow is our day at the Grand Canyon and my mom’s last day with me.

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