Day 10

States: 0
Total States: 23
Miles: 502
Total miles: 5313

We had a good night camping despite freezing temperatures. We were well prepared for it! We got a nice early start out of Yellowstone and the cold was causing the hot springs to steam even more than during the day. It looked crazy with the sunrise.

Dawn also brings out more wildlife, so we were lucky to see elk a few times and deer. Bison also crossed the road in front of us and we were able to see a few baby bison! They are usually born in May so I was so happy we spotted them on the way out. We will miss Yellowstone for sure.

So I got to spend Mother’s Day with none other than my mother in Glacier National Park 🙂 The temperature climbed to 82 degrees and it was beautiful all day. Parts of the park’s roads were closed due to plowing, so we concentrated on Lake McDonald and the surrounding area. This is the largest lake in the park and it’s really stunning with the mountains in the background and the colored stones at the bottom. I could have sat there looking at it all day. We also saw waterfalls and river rapids. It was overall a great day…we have been so incredibly lucky with the weather on this trip.

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