Day 11

States: 2; Idaho & Washington
Total States: 25
Miles: 544
Total miles: 5857

Today was our fourth and final day of driving in the state of Montana. We got on I-90 once again, heading west. We passed through Idaho shortly but didn’t make any special stops. Most of the day was spent in beautiful Washington state. I can definitely see why it’s called the Evergreen State. We had lunch in a park and enjoyed the birds.

As we got closer to Seattle, we got lots of rain. So our good luck with weather ran out. But I guess it wouldn’t be a genuine visit to Seattle without rain anyways! I’ve always wanted to see Seattle! The best way to see the whole city and surrounding area is from up top the Space Needle. You can see downtown, the Puget Sound, the Olympic Mountains and Lake Washington. It was really windy and we could feel the elevator shaking! We also visited a garden and sculpture park afterwards. Our trip down the west coast begins tomorrow!

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