Day 9

States: 1; Wyoming
Total States: 23
Miles: 255
Total miles: 4811

Today was our day in Yellowstone National Park! It was the first established national park in the country and after spending the day I’m sure it’s one of the most beautiful. We saw a lot: geysers, rivers, hot springs, mountains, lakes, waterfalls, prairies and so many bison! Unfortunately we didn’t see any other animals but seeing a bison was a treat every time. The campground makes it sound like seeing a bear tonight wouldn’t be unusual so we’re being very careful about that! I’m typing this as we cook soup over the fire and relax.

Some sites that we visited were Old Faithful (of course!), Midway Basin, Morning Glory Pool, Norris Geyser Basin, and Mammoth Hot Springs. Our campsite is in the amazing Madison area. I hope one day I can come back and see other parts of the park because it’s so big and there are still canyons, valleys, lakes and a volcano that we didn’t get to. Overall we had a great day and we’re really excited for Glacier tomorrow!

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