Day 8

States: 2; North Dakota & Montana
Total States: 22
Miles: 480
Total miles: 4556

Camping in the Black Hills was a success! On our way out to the highway, we saw many more deer. Once when a few crossed the road in front of me, I stopped the car. Then one of them approached my car and practically stuck his head into my mom’s window! It was so amazing that we got as close to a wild deer as we did to the tamed ones in Wisconsin. 

We didn’t have any planned stops today; it was mainly meant to be a traveling day to get us closer to Yellowstone. So, we crossed into North Dakota and only stopped for groceries and a few scenic lookouts off the highway. We’re getting used to the fact that towns are often 50 miles apart. One of the paths was a creepy dirt road with rusted cars from the 40s at the bottom of the mountain. My Corolla has done so much more off-roading then I ever thought it would!

A few hours of driving into Montana brought us to our stop for the night, Billings. I’m loving all these small cities. What we’ve seen in Montana so far has been beautiful scenery and general emptiness. The landscape has changed completely since we hit the Dakotas and we’ll be in the mountains for a few days more now.

Tomorrow and Sunday we are camping in Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks. These are a few of the days that I’ve been most looking forward to but I might not have any Internet to post about them immediately.

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