Day 7

States: 1; South Dakota
Total States: 20
Miles: 509
Total miles: 4076

Today we only had one new state to see, South Dakota. First we had to finish driving through Nebraska to get there. This northern area of the state was so isolated, we rarely ever saw towns. We saw a few scenic overlooks to keep us entertained, plus all the cows!

In South Dakota, there were many signs for middle of nowhere attractions like 1880 Town and Wall Drug. They had lively gift shops and restaurants. We ended up eating at an isolated diner somewhere else, the town of Kadoka. We actually saw many of the other customers as we finished up the day in SD in other places!

Next it was time for Badlands National Park. When I first saw it I was just stunned! Words can’t describe it, and the pictures don’t do it justice. Driving between all the canyons and formations was amazing. One of my favorite parts was when we saw a town of prairie dogs 🙂

Afterwards we headed for Mount Rushmore. An American roadtrip wouldn’t be complete without seeing it! The monument is amazing and I couldn’t look away. They also had smaller monuments for each state and of course some good history on the park. 

Now we’re settled in our campsite in Keystone, SD. There are deer running around all over the place! Our site is next to a brook and a cute bridge. We switched to Mountain Time today, so we gained an extra hour to catch up on sleep!

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