Day 6

States: 2; Nebraska & Kansas
Total States: 19
Miles: 528
Total miles: 3567

Middle America is so incredibly different from home and I actually really love it! We got to spend more time in Iowa today which included two unexpected stops. The first was when we saw a sign on the interstate for the bridges of Madison County – yes like the book/movie! We ended up traveling around on dirt roads to find one. It was beautiful and has been there since 1884.

We also made a stop looking for a restroom and stumbled upon a small Danish village. It proudly displayed a historic windmill built in Denmark in 1848, gifted to the settlement later on. We signed the guestbook alongside people from all over the country and Denmark, too.

After crossing into Nebraska, we stopped at a wildlife conservation park. We took an awesome driving tour to see elk, bison, wolves, bears, bald eagles, cranes, and a small petting zoo. I loved how close we were able to get to everything! All the animals are native to Nebraska and some are being rehabilitated.

On our way again, we found a town called Strang that only has a population of 29 people! It had one main street and four buildings. They also had an old windmill, donated by the man Strang was named after. It’s just amazing how far you can drive without seeing a town. All of the space in between is considered county land. If you click here, you can see a visual of how small Strang is.

We’re staying in Kearney, Nebraska tonight, but we did need to go down to Kansas first. We went to the Geographic Center of the Continental U.S. in Lebanon, KS. We got out of the car and could only hear birds chirping and a cow mooing, other than that, peaceful silence. There were a few signs like the one shown above and one from 1941 when the site was established. At that time, Lebanon was the center of the whole country because Alaska and Hawaii weren’t incorporated yet.

Also on the site was a monument with a plaque and flag, and a small chapel with 6 pews, it was really cute. My mom and I were in there signing the guestbook when a woman pulled up in a truck to see if the chapel was flooded from the rain. We talked for a while and exchanged stories about life here versus life on the east coast. She explained some of the history of the area and was so friendly! Well, everyone here is friendly. 

Tomorrow we are camping in South Dakota. The campground advertises wifi, so hopefully I’m able to post about our day in the Badlands and Black Hills!

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