My Trip by the Numbers

24 days

48 states

11484 total miles

oil changes

cans of pringles

51 different license plates (50 states + DC)

National Parks (Mammoth Cave, Badlands, Yellowstone, Glacier, Redwoods, Grand Canyon)

wild animal encounters (deer, elk, moose, prairie dogs, bison, coyotes, sealions)


speeding ticket

$3.11 cheapest gas (Rock Hill, SC)

$4.29 most expensive gas (a few cities in CA)

7,380 highest elevation in feet (US-550 in NM)

-7 lowest elevation in feet (New Orleans, LA)

29 smallest town population (Strang, NE)

8,336,697 highest city population (New York, NY)

107 highest temperature in degrees Fahrenheit (Vernon, TX)

30 lowest temperature in degrees Fahrenheit (Yellowstone NP)

For more photos click here 🙂

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