Day 24

States: 3; New Jersey, Connecticut & Rhode Island
Total States: 48!
Miles: 438
Total miles: 11484

My last day! Can’t believe it. Putting my home address in the GPS was so strange. I think I became accustomed to wandering from place to place. This trip was everything I wanted it to be and more. I saw so much of what I wanted to, knowing there is still so much more out there. It went by so incredibly fast! And I’m just so glad that everything went well and I stayed safe for 11k miles 🙂 I met some awesome people along the way, some with their own plans, like a couple who wanted to see as many presidents’ houses as they could.

Today I went to see the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall in Philly. I didn’t do anything else there but I’m glad I was able to experience those important bits of history. Then I set my course for home, but the sign on the highway for the Statue of Liberty caught my attention, and next thing I knew I was on a ferry out to see lady liberty! I’ve been to Manhattan quite a few times so I wasn’t planning to stop, but I haven’t been to the lower end of the island in a few years.

The Staten Island Ferry is free! You get on with a few hundred other people and it brings you right by the statue. There’s also a pretty good view of the buildings in Manhattan from the ferry. I met two engineering students and we talked and enjoyed the ferry together. One was from Australia and the other from Switzerland. Exchanging stories about life here and there was so interesting! They were so nice.

The 48 states became official when I crossed into Rhode Island! And a short while later, I was back in Massachusetts, just an hour from home. It was great to see my family, cat and boyfriend after a month 🙂 I took around 1800 pictures and I don’t know how I’m ever going to go through them all! I also have to unpack my life from the car and start thinking about going back to reality – work!

Thank you to everyone who read any of this blog, it means a lot! 🙂

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