Day 22

States: 0; Washington D.C.
Total States: 43
Miles: 345
Total miles: 11046

As you can tell from the photos, I spent the whole day wandering all around Washington D.C.! I will be here tomorrow as well, at the Association for Psychological Sciences (APS) Annual Convention. 

The city was easy to navigate, it’s set up more like NYC than Boston if you know what I mean. I did a lot of walking, though! Unfortunately, the Washington Monument was under construction because of damages from the 2011 earthquake. It didn’t reflect in the reflecting pool, either, because it was a cloudy day today. Something was going on in front of the Capital, too, so it ended up in my photo. Oh well!

I also stopped by the White House and several memorials: World War II, Vietnam Veterans, Signers of the Declaration of Independence, and the Lincoln Memorial. After I saw all the monuments and memorials that I could feasibly handle on foot… I headed for the Smithsonian Museums. These are probably the best museums in the country and they are all free!

I could not see them all so I chose Natural History, American History and the Air and Space Museum. I loved them all but wish I had a little more time so I could’ve seen even more! I enjoyed the dinosaurs, learning about the creation of earth and (much later) humankind, all about the solar system and the birth of our country. Overall, my sightseeing in D.C. was fun but exhausting! Tomorrow I will be at the psych convention most of the day but I’ll find something to write about I’m sure 🙂

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