Day 21

States: 3; North Carolina, Virginia & West Virginia
Total States: 43
Miles: 414
Total miles: 10701

I did a little recuperating this morning by allowing myself to sleep in a bit! I had an awesome breakfast then went to get my third oil change. It’s always good to hear my car is handling this well!

By the time I got to Charlotte, NC, I figured it was a good time to stop for lunch. I wasn’t sure what to do there and I wanted to do something different. So I eventually found the Charlotte Farmer’s Market and loved it! A lot of the fruit was picked that morning and there were vendors with decorations, vegetables, nuts, jams, everything! There were also really nice flower vendors. One of them, an older Greek man, seemed really bored so I sat with him and talked for a while. He showed me a photo album of famous people he met as a limo driver. It was really great to meet such a nice person!

The highways in North Carolina had pretty wildflowers along the sides, and some planted by their dept of transportation. I loved that! And I haven’t seen mountains or dairy farms in a few days, so I welcomed their return of course. I most especially enjoy seeing the baby cows 🙂

I was about to cross into West Virginia when it started down-pouring; flash floods, thunder and lightening. I decided to get dinner while I waited for the storm to pass. When I got to the border to take the photo with the sign, a rainbow popped out! It was only there for a minute or two but you can see it in the photo 🙂

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