Day 20

States: 2; Georgia & South Carolina
Total States: 40
Miles: 371
Total miles: 10287

Wow, can’t believe I went over the 10k mile mark today! I did all my driving in the morning and spent the rest of the day in lovely Savannah, Georgia. I think it must have been the most gorgeous city I’ve ever been to. I spent my time in the historical district. All the buildings and the design of the area were originally built and laid out in the 1700-1800s.

What makes Savannah unique is that every few blocks, there is a small park called a square. There are 22 squares in all and each is different, usually honoring a person or event with a monument. And almost every one has these amazing trees called live oaks. There are a few bigger parks, too, my favorite was Forsyth Park. It’s the one in my photo with the white fountain.

Savannah is filled with independently owned shops, antique stores, cafes, candy stores and museums. Many of the historical homes and mansions have been restored into inns or museums. They are so nice to look at. Most of them have iron balconies and gardens. I went to the City Market to have lunch and then went to the riverfront. There they have the statue of the Waving Girl and the Olympic torch from 1996. I saw a few tug boats and ferries going by, but then it started to pour! At least at that point I had seen everything I wanted to 🙂 I’m staying a little over the South Carolina border tonight.

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