Day 19

States: 3; Mississippi, Alabama & Florida
Total States: 38
Miles: 487
Total miles: 9916

My day along the gulf coast was great! From Baton Rouge I drove down to New Orleans and spent the morning in the French Quarter. I got breakfast at famous Cafe Du Monde and it was delicious! I ate it sitting on a bench alongside the Mississippi. I watched the steamships go by. Everyone who walked by me gave me a genuine “good morning, how are you on this lovely morning?” and I just loved it!

Then I window shopped in the French Market and admired the historic architecture. That sounds really made up but it’s really nice! I also went through Jackson Square, the photo above with the Saint Louis Cathedral and the statue of Andrew Jackson. The garden there was beautiful. I basically did not want to leave, but I had three states to go to!

I drove through Mississippi and Alabama, stopping at their welcome centers. People I met were really nice and their accents were so heavy! Then when I crossed into Florida I headed for Pensacola Beach because it was a perfect beach day 🙂 It had the whitest sand I’ve ever seen! I ate lunch at a beachfront restaurant then went out on the pier. Everyone was fishing, surfing and swimming because it was so hot out. I didn’t want to leave there, either. I’m staying in Tallassee tonight, back in Eastern time!

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