Day 18

States: 1; Louisiana
Total States: 35
Miles: 601
Total miles: 9429

It was another hot day today but so much more humid! I used so much gas running my A/C but it was hard not to. After hearing the very sad news about the devastating damage from today’s tornadoes in Oklahoma, I can’t be thankful enough that I wasn’t caught in an ugly situation. My heart especially goes out to the children who were injured and killed today. These storms were very deadly and I consider myself lucky that my plans didn’t bring me into a dangerous position.

I made my way through northeastern Texas today, passing through Dallas and eventually to the Louisiana border. Whenever I think of Louisiana I remember the book report I did on it in 3rd grade…I always said I would visit one day! I almost had the opportunity to see a friend stationed at the Air Force base in Shreveport, but unfortunately he was working and unable to say hi. So I went to the next major city, Alexandria. It was a nice little city with lots of parks. One of them was a zoological park, so of course I had to go! I was introduced to lots of Louisiana wildlife and they also had exhibits of African, Asian and Australian animals. The humidity was killing me but I really loved the animals!

Next I was on my way to the capital, Baton Rouge, where I am staying tonight. I drove over an 18 mile long bridge to pass over the largest swamp in the country – the Atchafalaya swamp and river. It was actually really cool and they had their own visitor’s center to give information about it. I’m also loving the fact that I’m visiting yet another city right on the Mississippi River. It’s gorgeous! I believe today was the last day that I have to drive a ton of miles 🙂


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