Day 17

States: 2; Texas & Oklahoma
Total States: 34
Miles: 541
Total miles: 8828

Today was the hottest day of my life! All afternoon the temperature was between 100-107°. The thunderstorms moved north, so no tornados for me! I drove the rest of New Mexico and a good amount of Texas today. I also popped into Oklahoma for a bit, but I must have been in the middle of nowhere because I never saw one car, animal, person or building where I drove!

Nothing really caught my attention to stop and look at today. I wasn’t interested in trying to get a free 72oz steak in Amarillo (by eating the whole thing I’m guessing). I mostly was on 75mph highways with little towns in between big stretches of emptiness. I saw some funny signs like “Don’t mess with Texas” and “Texas…it’s like its own country!” Every town and establishment makes sure that they remind me that I’m in Texas, they are very proud.

I was so happy to get to my hotel and escape the heat! I couldn’t run the A/C all day because my car could overheat and it uses a lot of gas. I decided to get some authentic Texas steak tips for dinner, so no 72oz but still really good! I’m staying in Wichita Falls tonight. I’m a couple days from being back in my own time zone.

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