Day 16

States: 3; New Mexico, Colorado, Utah
Total States: 32
Miles: 505
Total miles: 8287

This morning we got up at 4am to look at some stars for a few minutes. The sun rose very quickly on us so I only snapped one picture using the very few photography skills I have. The sky was just filled with stars, so unlike home! If you click the above photo to enlarge it you’ll be able to see them a lot better. After the sun rose, it was time to pack up the site and get going. My mom had a plane to catch!

We never accounted for the change to mountain time, so we were running late for my mom’s 3:50 pm flight. We were able to make the stop at the Four Corners, though! I’ve wanted to sit at the Four Corners since I was little so I’m glad we did it! For most of the day we were driving in Native American lands and we saw cool rock formations. We also crossed the continental divide!

I got my mom to the airport in Albuquerque around 3:15 pm, around the time we found out her flight was delayed to 4:15 pm. This caused her to miss her connecting flight to Boston, so she’s in Dallas for the night while I’m in Albuquerque. I’m really going to miss my mom, she was such a good road trip companion and I wish she could finish the trip with me. Now I’m in my hotel keeping an eye on the weather channel because thunderstorms and tornado watches have been issued for my area of Texas tomorrow.

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