Day 5

States: 3; Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa
Total States: 17
Miles: 540
Total miles: 3039

The weather was amazing all day today! 75 and sunny through three states, each with many farms. We started off heading towards Madison, the capital of Wisconsin. About 50 miles north is of that is Wisconsin Dells, which calls itself the waterpark capital of the world. Instead of doing that, we decided to go to a deer park and it was so fun! This park has been around for decades and they have about 100 deer that roam around. We pet and fed so many deer and they kept following us around, so cute!

We decided to stop for lunch at a local burger chain called Culver’s. They’re known for their real Wisconsin cheese on the burgers and amazing custard. We picked a random town called Sparta to eat in, and soon realized that they’re the bicycling capitol of America, and very proud of it! It was interesting.

Next it was time to dip into Minnesota for a little while, on our way down to Iowa. We stopped at the welcome center and chatted with the women who worked there for a while, they were so friendly. They were telling us that it snowed 10 inches on Friday and all the farms are behind from it. Everything they sold at the gift shop was locally crafted…we wanted everything!

When we needed break, we saw a sign for another welcome center a bit further down I-35. We pulled off into a town of just 532 people called Dows. It was just adorable. There were individual blue signs leading us to the center of town, saying things like “more mile” and “not yet”. They had a blacksmith museum, a railroad museum, antique shops and horse farms. This was the cutest thing to see and we’re looking forward to more small towns and nice people. Tonight we’re staying in the little capitol, Des Moines.

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