Day 3

States: 2; Kentucky & Tennessee
Total States: 11
Miles: 532
Total miles: 1852

We had an action packed day to say the least! Kentucky and Tennessee did not disappoint. We began the day by visiting Churchill Downs, the morning after the Kentucky Derby. We got to see all the crazy fans who stayed overnight in their RVs and the cleanup crews, which seemed very necessary with all the messes the people and horses left!

Next, we visited Mammoth Cave National Park. This park runs tours of the largest cave system in the world. It’s over 400 miles long! We did a historical tour that showed us 2 miles of the caves and explained some of the history. They were formed millions of years ago and were mined during the American Revolution for nitrates for the gunpowder. It was really cool to spend time under there!

Our next stop was in Nashville. My mom and I like country music a bit, but not enough to do those types of tours. So we decided to see a historical home with a botanical garden right outside the city. It was really pretty, peaceful, and had nice views of the Tennessee hills.

And the last stop for today was Memphis. This was my first time seeing the  Mississippi River and I highly recommend it! We planned to watch the sunset over the water, but it was a bit rainy and cloudy. To our surprise, there was a huge festival going on called Memphis in May and it shut down a lot of the streets for live bands, a BBQ contest and tons of vendors and stuff.

It was really fun but we decided it was getting late so we went back to the hotel, which is in Graceland. So yes, it is extremely Elvis themed. There are pictures of him everywhere, even in our room!

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